DES MOINES - After posting a sensational score of 3,415 competing at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) bullseye state tournament at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines Saturday, March 7, the Springville archery team played the waiting game.

      And they played it well.

      The Orioles waited through the rest of the day on Saturday and all of Sunday, March 8, to see if any team could top that high mark.

      No one could.

      But there was one who was able to equal the Orioles’ score, meaning technically Springville tied for a high school bullseye state championship with West Des Moines Valley, who also tallied a 3,415 mark as one of the final team scores turned in on Sunday.

      Officially however, the state championship went to Valley after coming through with more perfect-10 targets in the event finishing with 210 while the Orioles tallied 202.

      It was another amazing state tournament for the Springville high school team as junior Hunter LaGrange missed an individual bullseye state championship by a mere three points carding a 293 effort that placed him second among all 1,090 boys competing in the event and third overall in the competition against a loaded field of 1,970 archers.

      Freshman Evan Robertson just missed a top-10 finish of his own coming through with a score of 289 that was 13th among all boys while Tanner Malanaphy also added a 289 that placed him 17th in the class.

      Also scoring for the Orioles at the bullseye state event were: Lane Mollenhauer (287), Nicole Kilburg (285), Nick Olivas (284), Danielle Besta (284), Kailee Jacobs (283), Jazlyn Andrea (282), Anthony Unash (281), Alexis McKinney (279) and Dalton Hawker (279).

      Holden Cordes (276), Jade Yousse (274), Emma Fuller (270), Zachary Tjaden (268), Eli French (268), Jackson Robinson Valley (265), Levi Beck (263), Liz Stejskal (259), Bryce Asquith (250), Jacob Waltz (250), Wyatt French (236) and Kaylee Asquith (173) also competed for the Springville high school team.

      The high individual scoring wasn’t just limited to the Oriole high school team, as eighth grader Slayton Straub came through with a sizzling 288 effort that placed him third among all 485 middle school boys while teammate Blake Fowler added a 285 that was seventh overall in the class.

      Also scoring for the Springville middle school team in the state bullseye event were: Heber Blackmore (279), Creston Cordes (273), Dawson Deutsch (271), Enzler Breitfelder (271), Katerina Laubengayer (266), Alexander Robertson (262), Oliver Longerbeam (261), Brooke Kearney (249), Abi Stejskal (246) and Emily Andresen (237).

      Oriole elementary shooters completed the phenomenal trifecta of shooting in the state bullseye as Andrew Schwiebert’s 270 score placed him fifth in the class giving Springville top-10 shooters in every age group.

      Brecklyn Rowold (249), Zachary King (243), Preston Martin (242), Barrett Deutsch (234), William Robinson Valley (216) and Hannah Vascik (193) also took part at the bullseye state event for the Oriole elementary team.

      While the Springville high school team tied for a championship but had to officially settle for the runner-up honor in the bullseye, the Orioles also claimed runner-up honors in the NASP 3D state shoot as well, trailing only champion Cedar Rapids Prairie’s 1,732 effort after Springville carded a score of 1,700.

      Mollenhauer was outstanding in the bullseye leading the Orioles with a 292 score that also gave him runner-up individual honors in the boys’ division (and first among all sophomore boys) while LaGrange (291) and Evan Robertson (290) also posted a top-10 scores placing fourth and fifth in the class.

      Also scoring for Springville in the NASP 3D state shoot were: Andrea (277), Olivas (276) and Kilburg (274) while Malanaphy (272), Jacobs (271), Besta (267), McKinney (267), Holden Cordes (266) and Fuller (245) also competed for the Orioles’ high school team.

      Springville didn’t walk away from the state tournament without a championship however, as Blackmore topped the entire middle school boys’ field with his 285 score that claimed the individual state title while Straub was fifth in the class turning in a 281.

      Also scoring for the Orioles’ middle school team at the NASP state 3D shoot were: Fowler (265), Laubengayer (264), Breitfelder (257) and Abi Stejskal (243) who all helped the team to a fourth-place state finish with a 1,595 score.

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