SPRINGVILLE - When the Springville archery team goes about hosting a tournament, they really go all out.

      Not only did the Orioles play host to their Springville 300 bullseye tournament Saturday, Feb. 1, but returned to host Battle of the Orange bullseye and 3D tournaments Sunday, Feb. 2, with the home team turning in more spectacular scoring.

      Against a 10-team field in their Springville 300 event Saturday, the Orioles carded a score of 3,365 to take second trailing champion North Linn’s 3,382 effort with Hunter LaGrange pacing the team firing a sizzling 291 score that tied for top honors among all 443 boys competing at the event.

      Mount Vernon’s Paige Emig led all 821 shooters with an amazing 298 score.

      LaGrange wasn’t the only Oriole to post a score in the top-10 as teammates Lane Mollenhauer (290) and Evan Robertson (286) were third and tenth, respectively, among all high school boys.

      Also helping the Springville high school team to their runner-up performance were: Tanner Malanaphy (281), Kailee Jacobs (281), Holden Cordes (278), Danielle Besta (278), Jazlyn Andrea (278), Nick Olivas (278), Liz Stejskal (276), Anthony Unash (276) and Alexis McKinney (272).

      The Oriole middle school team was led by a sensational shooting performance from Slayton Straub, who topped all boys in the class with a score of 287 while teammate Heber Blackmore came through with a 280 effort that placed him fifth among all middle school boys.

      Also scoring for the Springville middle school team were: Carter Lacy (269), Andrew Unash (268), Blake Fowler (263), Emily Anderson (260), Oliver Longerbeam (259), Keagan Swayze (257), Brooke Kearney (256), Dawson Deutsch (255), Abi Stejskal (254) and Katerina Laubengayer (242).

      Overall, the Oriole middle school team finished with a score of 3,150 to place fifth in the 10-team event as Mount Vernon claimed the title in the class with as 3,227 effort.

      Springville individual scoring continued to shine down to the elementary level as well, as Preston Martin’s 267 effort led all 75 boys in the division while teammate Andrew Schwiebert was seventh turning in a 245.

      Also competing for the Oriole elementary team were: Zachary King (228), Hannah Vascik (225), Barrett Deutsch (224), Lidiya Boeding (222), Brecklyn Rowold (209), William Robinson Valley (199), Asher Longerbeam (195), Madilynn Dearborn (192), Noah Derrick (180) and Connor Sweet (178).

      Springville shooters returned to the range Sunday, where the high school team carded a championship in the Battle of the Orange bullseye event finishing with a 3,398 score that edged runner-up Cedar Rapids Prairie’s 3,378 effort.

      LaGrange was on fire from the get-go leading all 357 shooters competing finishing with a sensational 297 effort while Robertson added a 291 that was second among all high school boys. Anthony Unash (287) and Mollenhauer (285) also added top-10 boys’ scores placing fifth and eighth, respectively.

      It wasn’t just the Oriole boys firing the top scores either, as Jacobs’ 291 effort was second among all high school girls while teammates Besta (281) and Andrea (280) were sixth and seventh amongst all 151 girls.

      Also helping Springville to the bullseye title on Sunday were: Olivas (280), Malanaphy (279), Dalton Hawker (277), Alexis McKinney (276) and Jackson Robinson Valley (274).

      Rounding out the high school bullseye field were Washington (3,371) and Solon (3,152).

      The Oriole middle school team carded a 3,111 score to place fourth among the five schools in the class and were led by a sizzling 281 effort from Straub, who topped all 97 boys in the class while Blackmore (274) and Andrew Unash (268) were fourth and 10th.

      Cedar Rapids Prairie claimed the bullseye title with a 3,188 score.

      Martin claimed yet another individual championship for the hosts winning the elementary division with a 268 score that led all 55 shooters in the class. Barrett Deutsch was second among all elementary boys with a 255.

      In the Battle of the Orange 3D high school shoot, the Orioles took second to Cedar Rapids Prairie (1,715) finishing with a 1,700 effort.

      LaGrange led all Springville shooters with a 289 effort that was third among all boys while teammates Mollenhauer (287), Malanaphy (282) and Robertson (282) both scored in the top-10 while Besta (280), Nicole Kilburg (280) and Andrea (274) all scored top-10 targets for the girls.

      Springville’s middle school team finished third among the four teams competing with a 1,595 effort led by a title-winning tally from Blackmore, who came through with a 278 score that led all boys in the class.

      Fowler added a 271 effort that was seventh while Abi Stejskal’s 269 score was fifth among all girls with teammate Sierra Werling scoring a 254 that was 10th.

      Cayden Mann was the lone Oriole elementary shooter to compete in the 3D event Sunday coming through with a score of 206.

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