The Anamosa Motorcycle Hillclimb organizer already had one date rained out two weeks ago, and didn’t want Mother Nature to do her damage again for the rescheduled event set for Sunday, June 16.

      “It’s a lot of work setting up and tearing down for these Hillclimbs,” Schultz said. “Last fall we weren’t able to have the Hillclimb at all because of all the rain and a flooded river.

      “This time though, we were able to squeeze it in, and the almost 1,000 fans who showed up all had a great time.”

      The Hillclimb once again drew impressive numbers, even for a rain date, with riders taking to a slightly softer than normal hill.

      “Honestly, I think the hill needed a little rain,” Schultz said. “Otherwise it was probably going to be a dust bowl up there. What we didn’t want was so much rain that the river levels rose. That would have hurt us, but we got just the right amount to have a great climb, and the riders loved it.”

      The times showed too, as Schultz’s own son Wade, of Lisbon, posted the fastest time of the event winning the open class with a blistering 4.849-second clocking that topped runner-up Nate Simenec (6.067), of Geneseo, Illinois, in the class.

      Jon Henderson, of Ashland, Nebraska, was third in the open class with a time of 6.545.

      “While the crowd was better than what we had even hoped for coming in, the weather kept some of our regular riders from showing up,” Schultz said. “When you have to bump back to a rain date that makes things tough on some of the riders who already have commitments at other events, but the ones who made their way here put on another great show.”

      One of those wowing the crowd was another member of the Schultz family, as Denny’s granddaughter Emily, a senior to be at Lisbon, turned in a top-5 performance in the antique class.

      “Emily’s gotten better and better and more and more comfortable on her bike each and every year,” said Denny, as Emily’s time of 6.603 going up the incredibly steep hill placed her fifth in the antique class.

      “It’s fun watching her compete. She even beat her dad (Wade) in the side-by-side race. Not to sure too many were expecting that.”

      The side-by-side, an exhibition event that started last year, has become popular with fans as two bikes head up the tight hill together making for even more action and thrills.

      “People really seem to like it, so we brought it back again,” Schultz said. “It’s sort of like a halftime show for us.”

      Matt Altfillisch, of Elizabeth, Illinois topped the field in the antique class finishing with a 5.606 clocking while Gene Topliff, of Murray, Nebraska (5.642), Wade Schultz (5.682) and Dalton Topliff (5.848) rounded out the top-5 with Emily Schultz.

      Plattsmouth, Nebraska’s Colton Beckwith led all riders in the 125-400cc class coming through with a time of 5.856 while Dalton Topliff was first in the 600cc class making his way up the hill with a 5.864 clocking.

      Colten Beckwith, of Plattsmouth, claimed the 4-stoke class title with his time of 6.15 while Dalton Topliff became the lone rider to win a pair of titles taking the top spot in the 750cc class as the only rider to make it all the way up the hill in the class after his 8.256 effort.

      “It was a good hill and a great day, even with it being pretty overcast,” Schultz said. “Hopefully everything can go a little smoother this fall though.”

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