It was a time to celebrate, and a time for me to reminisce about where all the years have gone, and how old I am actually getting.

I remember Makenzie Ginn as a little kid, about maybe five years old running around the Olin High School gym as her mother Karen (who had coached softball at Midland and was doing so again at Olin) and father Rich (longtime Lion boys track coach who would later become athletic director at OHS) chased her back into her seat time and again during Lion basketball contests.

Saturday, Sept. 21, Makenzie Ginn exchanged wedding vows with now husband Cody Beemer, of Lisbon, and that smile I had seen so much as a youth, was beaming as bright as ever at the altar in Olin.

The Ginn family has more than made their stamp athletically in Jones County. But more than that, they are also great people who I have been proud to know over nearly two decades.

Makenzie was one of Olin’s all-time greatest softball players, while Karen has coached at three of the four county schools (Midland, Olin and Anamosa). Rich was a successful track coach for the Lion program covering almost 30 years, and is to this day regarded as one of the top high jump coaches in the state.

Over the last several years, mother and daughter have coached side-by-side here in Anamosa as assistants under Raider head varsity softball coach Ashley Streeper.

For me? Where have the years gone? For Makenzie, well, it’s just the beginning. Congrats!

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