I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll be saying it again, but wow do we have some amazingly talented golfers here in Anamosa.

Take a look for a second at what the Fawn Creek and Wapsi Country Club’s men’s and women’s team accomplished this summer.

It all started with the Fawn Creek and Wapsi women at their Eastern Iowa golf event in Monticello.

The two clubs turned in some sizzling scores, with Fawn Creek claiming their first Eastern Iowa crown since 2007.

While the team title may have eluded the Anamosa clubs until this summer, individually Fawn Creek and Wapsi golfers made themselves heard winning championships in three of the last five tournaments (Wapsi’s Deb Byers and Laurie Woods as well as Fawn Creek’s Nancy Updegraff).

Fawn Creek’s win in Monticello also ended a three-year stranglehold Solon had on the tournament. The trophy is back in the community it belongs.

In Tipton, the Wapsi men turned in a brilliant round becoming the fifth different club to win an Eastern Iowa crown in the last five years.

Before that however, Wapsi had claimed three straight Eastern Iowa championships. How’s that for dominance?

When Sean Smith chipped in for eagle on the final hole of the tournament, a roar erupted from the huge throng of fans who showed up to cheer the Anamosa club on. You knew then it was Wapsi destiny.

Lastly, a loaded Fawn Creek men’s team needed a victory in Wyoming Saturday, Aug. 17, to complete the three-peat.

Was there ever a doubt?

Fawn Creek’s Mike Carrier recorded an unthinkable three eagles, two coming on the same hole, and led the Anamosa club with a medalist round of 69.

The way these Anamosa golfers work on their game, I think they expect to win. And wow do they always seem to deliver.

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