I’d like to devote this space to a foursome of seniors I inadvertently overlooked in last week’s volleyball Senior Night story.

    While I may have forgotten to list Jordan Thomas, Emily Christianson, Tana Baftiri and team manager Megan Nissen among the nine total seniors who were honored Thursday, Sept. 26, their contributions to Raider volleyball certainly have not been forgotten by any player, parent or fan associated with the program.

    Thomas, Christianson, Baftiri and Nissen deserve just as much respect as the other five seniors (Leanna Husmann, Shae Takes, Bri Wood, Brittney Breashears and Kylie Wood) I did mention, for battling through what has been a challenging stretch for Anamosa volleyball.

    That kind of dedication fills me with a sense of pride in the Blue Raider competitive spirit, which all  of these girls definitely have in huge abundance.

    It would have been easy to bail on the program years ago when the wins weren’t flowing in and things didn’t go their way.

    Not this group of seniors. They could see the bigger picture, and what being loyal to their teammates, coaches and their school means in the long run. These girls get ‘it’.

    Jordan, Emily, Tana and Megan, I hope you can forgive me for my mistake, because make no mistake about it, your contributions have been appreciated!

    I’d also like to congratulate Anamosa seventh grade football coach Dan Kiley for being named KGAN-TV CBS 2’s Ed Thomas Coach of the Week.

    Kiley earned the award for his on-field work with the young Raider program, as well as leading his church on a mission trip this past summer.

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