ANAMOSA - Having just a few days to prepare to play Lisbon Monday, Sept. 14, Anamosa fr/so football coach Wayne Hora did the best he could to get his team ready to face what has been a perennially powerful Lion football program.

      “It was a tough night on the offensive side of the ball,” said Hora, as his team was handed a tough 22-2 defeat.

      “We would get some good drives going and then shoot ourselves in the foot with mistakes, penalties or turnovers. Defensively, we played another solid game. With it still being pretty early in the season, and with us talking on games that we did not have scheduled due to cancellations from COVID, it has made it a little tougher to game plan for these teams. At this point in the season, you expect the defense to be a little ahead of the offense, especially at this level, and I have to admit, I am very pleased with our defensive play as a whole.”

      Anamosa (0-3) scored one second half safety when an errant Lion punt attempt rolled through the end zone handing the hosts two points.

      The Raider offense struggled to move the football most of the night with five of their drives ending with punts while three others were stopped on downs.

      Lisbon found most of their offensive success come on the ground rushing for 220 yards while scoring three total touchdowns, one coming on a pick-6.

      Anamosa quarterback Devin Brophy had a big night completing 6-of-7 passes for 115 yards while Carter Kuehl also put the football in the air for the Raiders going 9-for-15 with 75 passing yards.

      Jay Gatto led Anamosa receivers hauling in seven passes for 57 yards while Caleb Bowser tallied two receptions for 75 yards.

      Kale Nebergall and Cole Sigler led the Raider defense coming up with seven tackles each while Sigler also tallied three quarterback sacks. Easton Wheeler and Angelo Cudahy added six tackles each for the hosts.

      “I always look to take positives away from every game, and we will do the same with this one,” Hora said. “From a coaching standpoint it is tough and hard not being able to have your team prepared for your opponent, but with all the COVID regulations/cancellations I want to give them every opportunity to play games when they arise.

      “We will use this as a learning experience and will grow from it.”

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