ANAMOSA — Many outside of the Anamosa Schools archery program may not know about it.

Actually, maybe even a few within the program didn’t realize the hallowed ground they competed on Saturday, Jan. 6, as the Anamosa archery team hosted their annual tournament, this time at the middle school.

The same Anamosa Middle School former team member David Machart shot the state’s first-ever perfect 300 score on just two years ago.

Yes. Hallowed ground indeed, and this 2017-18 group went out and made some more memories as the Anamosa Middle School team claimed a meet championship while the high school team was fourth against an eight-team field.

“The middle school team showed why they are going to be a fun team to watch,” said Anamosa Schools archery coach Chad Machart, as his middle school team tallied a 3,116 score topping an eight-team field.

“We set some goals in practice coming in and already many of our archers need new goals. The coaches are looking forward to the rest of the season to watch this young group grow and show us what they’re capable of.”

Alexander Shover led all Anamosa middle school shooters finishing with a 282, which was  tops among all middle school boys and sixth against all 212 archers taking part at the event.

Landon Graham (272), Carson Bright (265), Summer Winekauf (265), Lilian Spores (264), Kylee Tapken (264), Brianna Howard (261), Shea Keister (254), Avery Boffeli (250) and Allison Shover (247) all finished as the team’s top-10 shooters.

Anamosa’s high school team, led by another sensational score from freshman Lilly Machart, finished with a score of 3,149 to place behind champion Bellevue (3,287) along with East Dubuque, lll. (3,269) and Alburnett (3,215).

“Our high school team is full of archers who know what it takes to be part of teams that go many places,” Machart said. “They already have goals set and are very supportive of each other and have a plan to get them to that next level.”

Machart’s score of 290 was second among all 218 girls competing.

Only East Dubuque’s Haley Slaats had a higher score than Machart, finishing with a 292.

Braidee Ruhl (274), Kole Haverly (274), Brayden Orcutt (270), Olivia Christianson (269), Anthony Shover (266), Malcolm Wheeler (260), Makenna Bieber (252), Colin Heeren (252) and Tucker Jones (250) finished with Anamosa’s top-10 high school scores.

The hosts defeated North Scott (3,138), Central City (3,043), Bellevue-Marquette (3,006) and North Mahaska (2,916).

Placing in the Anamosa elementary school team top-10 were: Jaxen Johnson (260), Braeden Keister (243), Logan Bell (241), Dane Owen (232), Keaton Haverly (228), Caejyn Helgens (220), Elise Broghammer (220), Coy Braden (211), Olivia Shaw (200) and Jaxon Matthess (196).

“It was very exciting to watch the elementary team,” Machart said. “Lots of talent for first-time archers. Many of these young archers will develop over the next few years into archers the state and national NASP community will know by name.”

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