LOUISVILLE, KY. - Posting a score so high that few thought it would or even could be topped, Anamosa freshman Lilly Machart was on the cusp of winning a coveted World Championship while competing at the NASP IBO 3D Challenge in Louisville, Kentucky Friday, June 8.

      “I honestly thought that 297 score was going to win it,” said Machart, who had the top score for much of the three-day event that stretched from Thursday, June 7, to Saturday, June 9.

      “And it stood for quite some time, too. Until the second to last flight, actually.”

      Then Kimberly Matherly, of Reitz High School in Indiana, posted a 298 score that topped the 738 girls’ field, and claimed the NASP IBO 3D World Championship by a single point over Machart.

      “I can’t complain too much,” Machart said. “My 297 is an all-time best for me and second in the world is something I’m still pretty proud of. Next year I’d like to come back and move up one more spot though.”

      For a while, Machart’s 297 score was the highest 3D score ever recorded at a World or National tournament.

      “Ending up as World runner-up is an amazing accomplishment,” said Anamosa Schools Archery coach Chad Machart who also happens to double as Lilly’s dad.

      “I knew she was going to do well at this tournament as all the lane officials kept going to her target. When it was over they got the photographer and snapped a picture of her at the farthest target, which she shot a perfect 50 on.

      “Of course, she wanted first, but second out of more than two-million kids worldwide is quite an accomplishment. That’s why she’s at the level she is. She always wants to be first and doesn’t settle for anything less.”

      Machart, as well as teammates Olivia Christianson and Jaxen Johnson also competed at the Centershot Ministries World tournament where Machart led the threesome with a score of 290 (second overall) in the 3D event and 285 (22nd) in the bullseye.

      Christianson, an Anamosa senior, fired a 280 to place 55th overall in the Centershot Ministries bullseye while she also added a 280 in the 3D to place 29th.

      “Olivia has been a world-class archer her entire career,” Machart said. “Her and Lilly are a good pair to motivate each other. Archery is a passion they both have and they’ve always supported each other along the way.

      “Olivia is one of the main reasons I started coaching archery. I was picking up David (Machart) at a practice and saw this girl who was so determined to do well. I wanted to give her a couple of ideas to try and that’s when I decided to be a part of the Anamosa archery program.”

      Christianson also came through with a 273 score in the NASP IBO 3D World Championship that placed her 165th against the loaded field.

      “Overall, I was not very happy with how I performed,” Christianson said. “I didn’t practice enough as I should have heading into the tournament and it cost me.

      “I still have a couple of tournaments left before my high school career is over and I want to make sure I perform at a level I can be proud of. I’m going to put the work in to make sure my goals come true.”

      Johnson, just a fifth-grader, was Anamosa’s lone NASP World bullseye competitor coming through with a 267 score that was 821st out of a field of 2,605 archers and 58th in his class.

      “Jaxen finished in the top 25-percent as an elementary shooter,” Machart said. “He’s been improving all year and continues to impress me. He has such a steady shot and focuses on the task at hand. He’ll be attending many more World tournaments I’m sure.”

      Johnson also fired a 257 (119th) in the Centershot Ministries bullseye tourney before adding a 234 (96th) in the Ministries’ World 3D shoot.

      Machart and Christianson next travel to Snowshoe, West Virginia this August, where they’ll complete the third and final leg of the IBO triple-crown.

      “The triple-crown combines national, world and Snowshoe scores,” Machart said. “It’s in conjunction with the IBO World championship for adults.”

      Machart’s son David, a former Raider standout, will also be competing having earned a berth in the adult class.

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