CENTRAL CITY - There was a time when the Anamosa Schools archery team rarely left any tournament without a championship.

      Over the past couple of months however, numbers haven’t allowed the Raiders much of a chance to compete for titles, but Saturday, Jan. 25, Anamosa was back at the top of the standings turning in an impressive championship sweep in both the bullseye and 3D events taking part at the Winter Iowa Games East tournament in Central City.

      Anamosa easily claimed the top spot in the high school bullseye coming through with a score of 3,274 that outdistanced runner-up South Tama (3,077) and third-place Mount Vernon (3,006) as Lilly Machart fired the top girls’ score as her 294 effort also tied for the top mark overall in the event.

      Anamosa shooters dominated the girls’ high school top-10 as Lillian Spores (284), Makenna Bieber (284) and Brianna Howard (269) placed second, third and ninth respectively.

      Anamosa was also well represented in the boys’ bullseye high school top-10 as well as Malcolm Wheeler’s 283 score led the way and was fourth overall while Kole Haverly (277) and Nicholas Ralston (276) were eighth and ninth among all high school boys competing in the bullseye.

      Also helped the Raider high school team to their title in the bullseye were: Shea Keister (266), Aubree Osberg (261), Klaira Heims (261), Trey Jensen (258), Kennedy Siefker (258), Jenna Eidel-Matula (252), Drew Uthoff (251), Summer Winekauf (249), Katelyn McDonald (246), Nolyn Scranton (225) and Phoenix Baker-Gioimo (211).

      Anamosa’s middle school team claimed second in the bullseye after finishing with a 3,121 score that topped South Tama (2,999), Central City (2,751) and West Fork (2,595).

      Mount Vernon claimed the title with a score of 3,202.

      Carson Bright claimed an individual title and led all 291 middle school shooters tallying a score of 280 while teammate Logan Bell (274), Aiden Winekauf (267) and Kole Kreger (267) also turned in top-10 boys’ scores finishing ninth and 10th, respectively.

      Archer Boffeli (267), Jaxen Johnson (255), Braeden Keister (253), Christian Hudson (252), Rheagyn Uthoff (247), Avery Boffeli (246) and Evelyn Williams (244) were also among Anamosa’s top middle school shooters at the bullseye event.

      Anamosa’s elementary team finished with a score of 2,415 which was good enough to place third in the three-team event while South Tama claimed the title with a 2,632 effort.

      Paige Heims led all Raider shooters finishing with a 256 score that was second among all elementary girls while teammates Hailey Winekauf (237) and Margaret Bieber (231) also turned in top-10 girls’ scores placing sixth and eighth respectively.

      Ryan McCrabb led all Anamosa boys coming through with a 236 which weas good enough to place fifth in the elementary boys’ field while teammates Jameson Britcher (225) and Nathale Gioimo (221) also posted top-10 boys’ scores taking eighth and ninth in the class.

      Also scoring for the Raiders in the elementary class were: Rylan Dietiker (203), Carter Hudson (194), Tate Hall (184), Kayden Wherry (178), Jenna Bohlken (130) and Malachi Herrick (120).

      Anamosa’s performance in the high school 3D shoot was outstanding as the Raiders cruised past second-place West Fork (1,310) finishing with a 1,657 effort.              

      Machart was once again the class of the girls’ field as her 288 score led all 56 and was tied for second overall against all shooters.

      Much like the bullseye event, Raiders dominated the girls’ top-10 with Bieber (272), Eidel-Matula (272), Howard (266), Spores (263), Siefker (259) and Kylee Tapken (252) all turning in top-10 scores.

      Four Anamosa boys also had top-10 efforts in the 3D shoot with Ralston (278), Wheeler (277), Shea Keister (270) and Haverly (269) all representing the Raider team.

      Bright led the Raider middle school team to a 3D title firing a 275 score that was third among all middle school boys while Johnson (262), Archer Boffeli (262) and Kreger (253) also scored in the boys’ top-10.

      Kaylin Heims (252), Rheagyn Uthoff (241) and Ashlynn Garrett (233) all scored in the girls’ 3D middle school top-10.

      Overall the Anamosa team cruised to the middle school title tallying a 1,545 score that topped runner-up South Tama (1,491) as well as Central City (1,336) and West Fork (1,326).

      The Raider elementary team scored second in the 3D shoot with their 1,268 effort, trailing only champion South Tama (1,282) but defeating last-place West Fork (1,151).

      Hailey Winekauf led all Anamosa elementary shooters with a solid 246 effort that was also second among all shooters while McCrabb’s 225 score was second among all boys.

      Also scoring for the Raider elementary team in the 3D shoot were Nathale Gioimo (221), Lyla Broghammer (200), Jameson Britcher (191) and Paige Heims (185).

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