ANAMOSA - After spending much of the last month traveling all over eastern Iowa competing at tournaments, the Anamosa Schools archery team felt good to be back at home Saturday, Jan. 4.

      Hosting bullseye and 3D events at the middle school and high school sites, their scores sure showed it, too.

      Anamosa’s middle school team claimed a bullseye championship and elementary team earned a 3D title while the high school team was second in both the bullseye and 3D events trailing only champion Springville in both competitions.

      While the Raider high school team may have come up just short in the team shoots, their first as qualifiers so far this winter, junior Lilly Machart Anamosa was well represented in the individual events claiming a pair of titles on the day.

      Machart, in just her first competition of the season, shot her way past the entire 516 shooter field winning the bullseye individual championship with a sizzling score of 292. But she wasn’t done yet, also winning the 3D shoot with an identical 292 score that bested a field of 206 shooters.

      While Machart topped both fields with her amazing efforts, Anamosa teams still boasted a pair of title-winning individual efforts as Alex Shover won the boys high school 3D title with a score of 290 while also tying with Springville’s Lane Mollenhauer in the bullseye event with a 287. Kaylin Heims led all middle school girls with her 281 score in the bullseye.

      Anamosa finished with a 3,298 score in the high school bullseye competition, trailing Springville’s impressive 3,405 effort. The Raiders defeated Bellevue (3,238), Marion (3,197), East Dubuque, Il. (3,194), Alburnett (3,150), Bellevue-Marquette (3,048) and South Tama (2,801).

      Lilian Spores also came through with an outstanding score for the Anamosa high school team in the bullseye shoot finishing with a 284 while Malcolm Wheeler (280), Kole Haverly (277), Jenna Eidel-Matula (273), Makenna Bieber (272), Aubree Osberg (271), Nicholas Ralston (270), Dominic Haas (265), Phoenix Baker-Gioimo (264) and Shea Keister (263) all counted towards the team score for the Raiders.

      Also competing at the bullseye shoot for the Raider high school team were: Katelyn McDonald (251), Klaira Heims (250), Kennedy Siefker (249), Kyle Tapken (246), Trey Jensen (244), Andrew Thomas (239), Landon Graham (236), Nolyn Scranton (233), Drew Uthoff (223), Summer Winekauf (219) and Hunter Ieronimo (203).

      Kaylin Heims and Carson Bright led the middle school team to their bullseye championship as each carded scores of 281 helping the team to a 3,179 overall effort that topped runner-up Springville (3,158) as well as East Dubuque Il. (3,104), Alburnett (3,070), Bellevue (3,031), Oelwein (3,025), South Tama (2,976) and Central City (2,761).

      Also counting for the Anamosa middle school team in the bullseye event were: Cadence Spores (274), Archer Boffeli (272), Keaton Haverly (268), Allison Shover (263), Braeden Keister (260), Evelyn Williams (259), Christian Hudson (257), Jaxen Johnson (257), Avery Boffeli (256) and Logan Bell (251).

      Also competing for the middle school team were: Kole Kreger (248), Erik Haselius (242), Rheagyn Uthoff (241), Olivia Shaw (237), Alliya Vratney (233), Aiden Winekauf (232), Elise Broghammer (231), Roman Yager (231), Emma Faust (228), Caleb Warren (228), Aidyn Underwood (227), Zoey Staab (225), Caejyn Helgens (224), Ashlynn Garrett (223), Macen Garrett (220), Hogan Bowman (218), Jacob Henry (214), Xavyn Helgens (211), Mickala Herrick (207) and Kylea Jensen (205), Griffin Embree (184) and Haley Herrick (69).

      Anamosa’s elementary team scored third in the bullseye team standings finishing with a 2,555 effort that trailed champion South Tama (2,668) and runner-up Alburnett (2,603) while defeating last-place Bellevue (2,425).

      Margaret Bieber and Hailey Winekauf led all Anamosa elementary shooters and tied for fifth among all girls in the event with scores of 240 each while Zeke Claussen-Tubbs (231), Nathale Gioimo (227), Jason Haselius (219), Lyla Broghammer (214), Paige Heims (214), Tate Hall (203), Ryan McCrabb (203), Jameson Britcher (191), Rayce Gombert (191) and Carter Hudson (182) all counted towards the team score as well.

      Also competing for the elementary team in the bullseye shoot were: Kayden Wherry (179), Wyatt Whitley (169), Rylan Dietiker (166), Reilly Shaw (160), Elijah Crouch (158), Jenna Bohlken (128), Kaylee Thompson (123), Vivean Graham (105), Malachi Herrick (97) and Hadley Embree (43).

      Anamosa’s 1,673 score in the high school 3D shoot trailed champion Springville (1,688) by just 15 points with Machart and Shover sweeping the individual titles winning girls and boys events, respectively for the home team.

      Also counting for the high school team in the 3D event were: Wheeler (278), Eidel-Matula (272), Kole Haverly (271) and Makenna Bieber (270).

      Also competing for the high school team in the 3D shoot were: Ralston (284), Osberg (268), Dominic Haas (259), Spores (255), Landon Graham (254), Kylee Tapken (252), Siefker (247), Jensen (240), Keister (238), McDonald (236), Baker-Gioimo (223) and Klaira Heims (215), Scranton (215), Drew Uthoff (202) and Summer Winekauf (201).

      The Raiders defeated third-place East Dubuque Il. (1,613) and last-place Alburnett (1,558) in the high school event.

      Bright’s 266 score in the middle school 3D shoot paced the Anamosa team to a runner-up showing and 1,530 score that defeated Oelwein (1,516), Springville (1,514), South Tama (1,479) and Alburnett (1,445). East Dubuque Il., claimed the middle school 3D team title with a score of 1,592.

      Also scoring for the Anamosa middle school team in the 3D event were: Archer Boffeli (263), Kaylin Heims (255), Logan Bell (250), Jaxen Johnson (249) and Rheagyn Uthoff (247).

      Also competing for the middle school team were: Kole Kreger (246), Roman Yager (237), Braeden Keister (231), Alliya Vratney (218), Elise Broghammer (199) and Caejyn Helgens (158).

      Anamosa’s second team title of the day came with the elementary team’s 1,268 score in the 3D event as Hailey Winekauf led the way with a 229 score.

      Also counting for the team were: Paige Heims (222), Carter Hudson (214), Nathale Gioimo (213), Lyla Broghammer (205) and Jameson Britcher (185).

      Also competing for the team were: Kayden Wherry (169), Rylan Dietiker (153), Tate Hall (153), Ryan McCrabb (151) and Malachi Herrick (63).

      The Raider elementary shooters defeated Alburnett (1,192) and Wings Park (999).

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