DES MOINES - It wasn’t too long ago that Anamosa’s Lilly Machart was cast in the shadow of her incredibly successful older brother David, who when he graduated in 2016 was considered one of the top high school archers in the United States of America.

      Now five years later, Lilly, a Raider senior, has emerged as one of the best archers the state of Iowa has ever produced (and like her brother, one of the most gifted in the entire country), and her performance at the month-long National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) 3D and bullseye state tournaments, held virtually this year due to COVID, only cemented that amazing status.

      “David got me started, and I’m just following in his footsteps,” said Lilly, who added to her incredible high school legacy winning the NASP 3D and bullseye state championships after firing scores of 297 and 293, respectively, at North Scott High School back on March 6, in Eldridge.

      “I looked up to David when he was a senior and I was a middle schooler. He was my role model and I wanted to try the very best I could be at least do what he did in high school.”

      Lilly has done so much more.

      The pair of state titles Machart won last week closes one of the greatest Iowa High School archery careers in state history with an amazing six championships and gives the family a total of eight, as her brother claimed two championships back in 2016.

      “It feels good to be able to end like this,” Machart said. “It was kind of a weird year with COVID and everything, but we were still able to get a lot of tournaments in. They weren’t like they normally were, the gyms were more empty, and when we were done, we left so the next group of teams could come in, but we were still able to have some sort of a season, which was good.”

      The state tournament, normally held in Des Moines, began March 6, the day Machart and the Anamosa Schools archery team turned in their totals, and ended Sunday, March 28, with the final virtual scores being turned in from all around Iowa.

      “We chose to shoot with other schools to keep integrity in the scores,” said Lilly’s dad and Anamosa Schools archery coach Chad Machart. “We shot with North Scott, DeWitt and Bellevue. Lilly always does better under pressure.”

      Machart’s 297 score in the state 3D shoot topped the entire field of 470 archers overall, and 235 in the high school division.

      “I’ve always liked the 3D shoots, even better than the bullseye,” Lilly said. “I’m just never been as nervous at those. It’s a lot more laid back where bullseye seems so much more competitive.

      “I had five perfect rounds before I had an eight and then a nine to finish with a 297. That score surprised me, but I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end things at this level.”

      Machart also joins very elite company with her sizzling scoring.

      “Lilly is one of only four archers in NASP history to shoot at least one perfect round in over 100 tournaments,” Chad said. “And David is not one of the other three. Lilly has certainly made a name for herself with the career she’s put together. She started back in middle school as David’s little sister. Now David is Lilly’s big brother.”

      Machart wasn’t the only Anamosa archer tasting success at the state meet, as teammate and Raider junior Alex Shover placed fifth in the high school boys’ event coming through with a spectacular score of 290.

      Shea Keister (personal-record 281), Brianna Howard (272), Kaylin Heims (272) and Kole Haverly (266) all contributed to Anamosa’s 1,678 team score (sixth in the state) while Mickala Herrick (personal-record 262), Dominic Haas (261), Lilian Spores (257), Jenna Eidel-Matula (256), Phoenix Baker-Gioimo (255) and Summer Winekauf (247) also competed for the Anamosa team at the 3D state event.

      Lawton-Bronson claimed the high school 3D state team championship finishing with a score of 1,728.

      Machart was back at it again, this time in the bullseye shoot, and her 293 score topped the entire girls’ field (666 archers) claiming yet another title and was second overall (out of 1,490 competing) trailing only Lawton-Bronson’s Adam Larson, who was one-point better with a 294 effort in the boys’ event.

      “When I shot that 293, I wasn’t sure that was going to be good enough to win the state title,” Lilly said. “There have been years when that wouldn’t have been enough to win, but when all the scores finally came it, I was pretty surprised it held up.”

      Freshman Carson Bright also came through with an outstanding score for Anamosa, finishing with a 281 effort that was second on the team, ninth among all freshmen competing at state in the bullseye and 48th against a field of 824 boys.

      Alex Shover added a 280 score that was third on the team and 57th against the boys’ field while Haas (278), Haverly (276), Heims (276), Eidel-Matula (273), Howard (272), Spores (271), Keister (268), Allison Shover (personal-record 267) and Aubree Osberg (264) all counted towards the Raiders’ 3,299 team score that just finished outside of the state top-10.

      Drew Uthoff (personal-record 264), Baker-Gioimo (262), Winekauf (260), Christian Hudson (257), Herrick (257), Hogan Bowman (249), Emma Faust (248), Klaira Heims (247), Hunter Ieronimo (237), Ashlynn Garrett (235) and Xavyn Helgens (214) also toed the line turning in scores for the bullseye state tournament.

      Valley High School topped the bullseye state field winning the team title carding a 3,377 score.

      “The next step now is nationals,” Chad said. “We plan on the whole team shooting at nationals, which will also be virtual. We’re going to be trying to find some other schools to shoot with to make sure we have integrity with the scoring, just like we did at state.

      “Then, if we do well at nationals, hopefully we can take quite a few archers with us to worlds, which will be held in Myrtle Beach. Hopefully that one won’t be virtual and we’ll actually be able to make the trip down there. Lilly really wants to go back. That’s where she was part of the Anamosa 3D World Championship team with David. Some great memories there, and she’ll want to make a few more to end her career.”

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