ANAMOSA - Making a choice as to what college to attend can be a stressful decision for every high school senior.

      It was for Anamosa’s Andrew Morris, too, who had a long list of fine institutions to choose from, but in the end made a very educated choice to attend, as well as play football for, Simpson College.

      “It was a tough choice between Loras and Simpson, but in the end, I just decided with the major I’m going to pursue, that Simpson would be the best place for me now, and in the future,” said Morris, who committed to the Storm last week.

      “I’m going to be a business major at Simpson and would like to get into corporate law, and I figured Simpson would have better connections and more opportunities for me after I graduate.”

      Simpson’s football program also played a major role in Morris’ decision as well.

      “From the time I first started talking to the coaches at Simpson, I could tell they wanted me for more than just football,” Morris said. “I was impressed by everything they do to help their players through their academics and the team bonding and family atmosphere they have there. Simpson was someplace I just wanted to be.”

      The Coe, Cornell, Wisconsin-Platteville and Upper Iowa football programs were also in contact with the Anamosa senior.

      “Growing up as a little kid in Oklahoma, I always wanted to someday be a college football player someday and play for the Sooners,” Morris said. “Honestly though, when I got to high school at Anamosa, I didn’t really think too much about playing college football. I just wasn’t sure that was something that could even be a possibility for me.”

      That was until former Raider football coach Lucas Stanton planted the seed back into Morris’ head.

      “It was Coach Stanton who first asked me if I wanted to someday play college football,” Morris said. “It was then that I really started to seriously think about it again, and went to work towards making that dream come true.”

      Morris was an honorable mention All-District player for the Anamosa football team on the offensive line this past season, and it’s that position that he projects to play at the collegiate level as well.

      “The Simpson coaches told me they see me as an offensive tackle,” he said. “I know I’m kind of small weight wise to play that position, but they expect I’m going to be gaining about 15-20 pounds once I get there. With my height and athletic ability, they think the sky is the limit.”

      Morris credits his grandparents, Gina and Richard Schindel, who he’s lived with for the last four years, with helping him reach this point of his career.

      “They’ve always been there to pick me up when I’ve been down,” he said. “I couldn’t have done this without them. The coaches at Anamosa really helped me a lot through the entire recruiting process, too. Whenever I had a question, they have always been there for me.”

      Now Morris can’t wait for the next phase of his life to begin.

      “Simpson has a very good football tradition and I’m honored to be going there to play for them,” he said. “I’ve been following their 2021 recruiting and they’re bringing in a lot of really good players. I can’t wait to get there and not only start my college football and academic career, but meet new people and just soak up the entire college experience.”

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