If you missed KCRG-TV 9’s Athlete of the Week segment last week, take a peek at it on-line. It will absolutely bring tears of joy to your eyes.

      Anamosa junior Tate Little was named the station’s Athlete of the Week, and what Little was able to do during his interview with sports director Scott Saville was simply amazing to all of us who have followed Tate’s saga so closely.

      Little, who was involved in a horrific car accident last year, at about this time actually (Sept. 19), was given very little chance of even surviving the accident not to mention be able to communicate. Doctors said ‘if’ Little survived, he’d most likely be a vegetable the rest of his life unable to do anything for himself, including speak.

      If you watched the segment on TV last week, you saw a bright intelligent kid who shows no signs of slowing down and just sitting around his entire life. Little was able to answer Saville’s questions so intelligently, and then made a bold statement that really struck a chord with me and gave me goose bumps.

      Tate wants to carry the football and score a touchdown for the Anamosa football team next fall.

      Little is already a miracle in everyone’s eyes with what he’s been able to accomplish to this point, and so quickly. He’s doing things no one though he would ever be able to do, and now scoring a touchdown on the football field next fall would be icing on what has already been an amazing run for him, his family and friends and this community who have all rallied around him.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t bet against him doing it, and what a scene it would be in front of a packed house at Downing Field, as he crosses the goal line.

      You go Tate. Keep working hard, just like all your football teammates are doing at practice right now. You’re a huge inspiration for each and every one of them and we all know you’re going to make this new dream come true.

      I’d also like to mention an Anamosa athlete who I slighted in the last few weeks.

      Recent Raider graduate Walker Marsh.

      I usually write a column about all the Anamosa’s four-sport, four-year athletes, and I realized I went through the summer without giving Marsh, the Raiders’ lone four-sport, four-year star, his due.

      Marsh played football, basketball, track and baseball all four years in high school, and was a major contributor in each and every one. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it takes an extremely dedicated individual to be able to pull off a feat like Marsh accomplished over the last four years. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the extra things you have to do in each sport, not only in season, but out of season. But Marsh made sure he wasn’t going to leave his high school days without experiencing it all.

      Now in college, I’m sure Marsh is probably bored out of his mind with merely studying. College is easy. High School was hard.

      I’m sure he’ll still find ways of keeping busy though. Smart kids like Walker usually do. Thanks for the memories.

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