Recently, an Oxford Junction city official gave me an early Christmas gift by assuring me that local men could not possibly be stalking or harassing me because I’m just not that hot.

“You’re not as attractive as you think you are,” he said, among other things.

I’m pushing sixty, which makes me younger than most of the Oxford Junction male models this (mercifully) outgoing official habitually defends. I don’t have any illusions about my looks, but neither am I ashamed to be as God made me.

And I’m not so stupid as to believe that harassment and stalking are compliments paid to good-looking women. All bullying stems from contempt, and supposedly “ugly” women are easy targets.

Bullying is ugly. Harassment is ugly. Ganging up on people who are alone and/or different is ugly.

Older women? Not so much.

Vicky Imerman

Oxford Junction

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