The topic of Stone Bridge has been discussed at length for many years. There have been meetings, forums, surveys, etc., but there is no one outcome that has pleased all. Below are a few considerations and questions regarding these aforementioned conversations that I believe should be publicly addressed.

• The road has been shut down for three to four years, and things have been going decently well.

• If the bridge is restored historically, farm machinery will not be able to cross the bridge.

• Each supervisor ran their campaign on being fiscally responsible. If the current numbers quoted in local publications for the cost of the bridge were passed on to taxpayers, this would not be fiscally responsible. Spending money on projects like this shows a lack of consideration for the taxpayers.

• There have been many claims about funds being raised to pay for the bridge restoration, but after three to four years, the money is not there. The support pledged by the “Save the Bridge” group doesn’t seems to be what they have claimed. At one meeting, a member of the “Save the Bridge” group stated that the group would “put their money where their mouth is.” This has not happened.

• The bridge is not currently at its original state due to repairs that have occurred over the years. With those repairs, does the bridge meet historical standards.

• Have the long-term expenses of bridge repair and upkeep been studied? Are the taxpayers expected to shoulder this long-term burden?

• Would voting on this issue be a better representation of the county?

Donna Manternach


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