I encourage voters in House District 95 to vote for Christian Andrews to be our new representative. Iowans want bright, engaging legislators who take serving and communicating with their constituents seriously. We want legislators committed to the public interest, who once sworn in will work and serve on behalf of all their constituents. Christian meets all of these standards and more.

A vote for Christian will also move Iowa one step closer to taking the Iowa House from Republicans, which we desperately need. We know that Iowa Republicans are all in with the most corrupt president in our nation’s history and that corruption has infiltrated the Iowa Republican party. We have a governor who puts a higher priority on being a loyal subject of the President, rubbing elbows with Hollywood, and riding on private jets than protecting the health of Iowans during a pandemic of historic proportions. The Iowa Republican party welcomes only Trump Republicans to our state and makes its real agenda known only behind the closed doors of big dollar party fundraisers. And current Republican legislators are capable of little more than rubber-stamping whatever the president, the governor, and their big donors dictate.

Iowa’s Republican party is not focused on the hard work of governing in the public interest but, rather, on preserving and protecting its power and corrupted practices. We’ve seen enough of how that works. It’s time for a change. Vote for Christian. And stay safe.

Scott Peterson

Mount Vernon

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