Conveniently telling only part of the story to justify a false conclusion is sometimes worse than on outright lie. Monica McHugh’s recent letter to the editor attacking me is an example of that.

Ms. McHugh chastises me for not reimbursing the Republican Party for funds spent on my behalf. What she doesn’t tell you is that expenditure was made in 2016. I served the entire legislative session following the 2016 election as a member of the Republican caucus thus fulfilling any financial obligation I may have had.

Ms. McHugh criticizes me as a supporter of campaign reform for raising significant campaign contributions in this current campaign. Ms. McHugh is correct that I’m a strong supporter of campaign reform and have introduced legislation to improve the process. Unfortunately, legislative leadership blocked these bills, and we continue to operate in a system that allows unlimited contributions. With the Republican Party spending over $300,000 on TV ads alone for my opponent, I had no choice but to raise money for my campaign. Ms. McHugh’s claim that I’ve received almost 40% of my contributions from NY, DC, CA, and WA is false — approximately 3/4 of my support has come from Iowa. I’m also proud to have received support from family, friends and supporters from around the country.

Ms. McHugh criticizes me for “continually” attacking my opponent’s negative campaigning at a recent forum. My comments were actually brief, and I don’t regret making them. In this edition of the paper, I respond to my opponent’s misleading claims and set the record straight.

I’m tired of attempts by my opponent’s supporters to tear down my record of service and think their time would be better spent detailing why people should support their candidate. I’m hopeful that the people I’m proud to represent will see Ms. McHugh’s misleading attack letter for what it is and continue to support me as their independent voice in the Iowa House.

Andy McKean


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