Eleven million U.S. workers are in the "crosshairs" of the trade wars. This means more loss for us in rural Iowa. It is no secret that our rural areas are already suffering extensively due to Trump's on-going trade wars.

In a recent report using mainly government statistical data, AXIOS developed a map that presented the concentration of people negatively affected by the tariffs. The most affected areas have already suffered from budget cuts, hospital closures and school consolidations. They are also generally lower in population, so when the tariffs affect one industry, say corn or bean farming, the impact is negative on the whole county. Iowa has a whole lot of negative impact showing up on the map.

While the Senate seems immobilized to stand up for farmers, Senator Ernst acknowledges "farmers are losing patience," and Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas says farmers feel they are being used as "pawns in this whole business." We heard the president explain away his tax losses as "sport" in gaming the tax system. As to the trade wars, he says he is in no hurry to resolve the tariffs.

Is this just more sport to him? It sure isn't a sporting matter to us in rural Iowa. Time is not on our side; rather it is a matter of survival on the farm. There is nothing sporting about it. Absolutely nothing.

Clark Floss


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