Schools may be opening soon, and many students would like to be back in the classroom, especially to see their friends. The schools say they are “putting safety” measures in place.

I think all of us who have students that may be returning to the classroom should be asking: Without having all staff and students tested before school, how do we know who are the “carriers” — those who will not have any symptoms and will not have a temperature? W

ho are these “responsible” agencies making these decisions? Where is the voice of the medical powers that be in the Ivory Towers of Iowa City — I only hear “silence.”

The governor (small “g” on purpose) states our testing turnaround time is better than most. Fine, but, how much testing and how often are we really doing to know where our numbers are really at?

I think the lack of testing is a major flaw in our thinking in regards to the fight against this pesky virus.

Rene’ Hanlon


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