Let me start by saying, “Thank you” - thank you for reading your local, community newspaper, and thank you for either being a subscriber or purchasing this copy. In a time that has presented many challenges to businesses which has included ours, I thank you for being a supporter of local journalism. It is important to our democracy and life in our communities, so we are glad you support both.

I am excited to let you know that, beginning the week of March 15, there will be some changes to the Journal-Eureka, your weekly newspaper.

What triggered these changes is an upcoming move of our printing to our company’s printing facility, Woodward Printing Services, made possible with the purchase of some new equipment there. While change always has its challenges, it does provide the chance to make upgrades. With this move, we will take the opportunity to start anew with the following changes:

We will go to a new sizing for our papers – it will be shorter in height, but with approximately the same width. Our readers may find it easier to handle, with a sturdy weight of paper to ensure excellent print quality for our readers, along with improved color and photo reproduction for news, sports and advertising.

The Anamosa Town Crier and Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sunlight will be discontinued. In their place will be a new, total-market-coverage shopper called the East Central Iowa Shopping News. It will be distributed in that same area overall of the Sunlight and Town Crier and will carry the advertising inserts you look for each week. It will go into every home in the distribution area, for a total of 10,250 pieces, with about 20,000 readership.

We will have new websites for our publications coming in May, making more web and digital options available to our readers and advertisers. If you are a subscriber to our newspapers, you will be able to fully access the online version of the paper and the e-edition (a digital replica of the printed paper.) Something fun: if you subscribe to any one of our newspapers in our group, you will be able to access all of them come May!

No matter what changes we make, we won’t sacrifice our ability to deliver local news and advertising that is timely, meaningful and convenient for both readers and businesses. We will continue to focus on local journalism and delivering an attractive audience to our advertisers. With hearts of gratitude, our 40-plus staff members will continue to serve our communities, while we make business decisions that allow us to keep that service going strong for years to come.

Thank you. We are open to your feedback on the changes. Don’t be afraid to let me know your thoughts.

Mary’s email address is mungs-sogaard@wcinet.com if you would like to communicate with her now or at any time.

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