Recently, the Anamosa School District passed a budget cut that would approximately save them $400,000. That sounds great for the district; however, multiple positions at all schools would be cut or offered early retirement. The budget cut stirred up quite the controversy between the board and district members. Yes, saving money is a benefit, but it’s not fair to the employees who are on the short end of the stick.

For example, a permanent librarian at the high school is being dismissed at the end of the school year. The library has a hard time functioning without her since the other librarian works at both the middle and high school. I remember one day the library was closed because she was gone and no one was able to check out books or use the printer.

I understand that saving money is important for our district in the long run, but having to cut some positions does not seem like the best choice. There are talks of reducing funding to some programs like REVIVE and the extended learning program. Those might be a better option since as far as I know, the extended learning program isn’t useful. I’m personally in the program and it doesn’t really benefit us in any way. At one point it was like a counseling session we didn’t need.

Overall, I believe we need to do something as a community to help those teachers who are being removed from their jobs. Just signing a petition and bringing it to the school board may help those who are unfairly cut from their jobs.

Annie Lin


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