I am a senior at Anamosa High School, and I’m concerned about the well-being of my classmates.

All twelve years of my education have been spent in this district and many of my classmates have stayed the same. What has changed is the way we view drug use.

As we age, it’s normal to try new things. Some people may choose to try something positive and others choose to try something negative. Many of my classmates have joined clubs, sports, or something within the drama department that they’ve never done before. We’ve used these new experiences as a way to find who we are and who we want to be. But many of my classmates have tried to “find themselves” though drugs.

This use of drugs started out as something that seemed so “harmless,” but has continued to become more common as we have aged. It seems as though, the more common it becomes, the more complex the drugs become. Once one drug stops giving the high that is wanted, they move onto the next stronger thing. This pattern has become one slippery slope.

As a student who has watched my classmates turn this experimenting into a habit, it would be nice to see a change. This could be done by becoming more educated on the long term and short-term effects that drugs have on our bodies. Whether this is done in school or in our homes, both are very beneficial. Parents could get involved by checking up on the way their kids spend money. Many kids ask their parents for money to buy new jeans or food, but many parents are unaware that their money is going to their child’s drug use.

By becoming more educated and aware, this common issue has the potential to decline.

Rachael Carpenter


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