I intend to vote for Christian Andrews for Iowa House. One of my reasons has to do with local control and local decision-making.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 will be around for a while. By the time the new Iowa legislature is called to session next January, there will still be decisions to be made regarding the health and safety of Iowans.

Enter here the issue of local control. The governor has mandated ill-conceived policies regarding the pandemic, disregarding solid scientific guidelines and the urging of scores of medical personnel across the state. Even worse, she is dictating to cities, towns, counties, and schools – telling these entities that they are not allowed protect their citizens and students when they want to implement stricter policies that would slow and eventually stop the spread of COVID-19. The Republican-led legislature has made no effort to challenge the dangerous dictates of the governor.

Thus, we must look ahead to next January with a new legislature that will challenge the governor’s poor choices and dictates – and will allow cities, towns, counties, and school boards to make safer decisions for their citizens and students. We must elect common-sense, strong legislators who will challenge the governor when she makes poor decisions and will pass legislation necessary to correct her mistakes. Christian Andrews is that type of candidate. I urge you to vote for Christian.

Jay Willems

Mount Vernon

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