Cost of public programs exploding


In response to Angie Weiland’s editorial, “Don’t Be Fooled by Immigration Rhetoric,” in which she denies that illegal immigrants receive public aid for medical, food, housing, education, etc., the official burden to taxpayers for the year 2017 was $116 billion ( for these entitlements. And now that the number of illegals coming into the U.S. has surged, no doubt this number has risen sharply.

The breakdown includes Medicaid, Food Stamp Program, education and job training, housing, court costs and Justice Department costs. While illegals were contributing approximately $19 billion, the net cost to us as tax payers was $116 billion.

This is what the fuss is all about, and with good reason. It’s not about race or gender, it’s about the strain on an already indebted country and fairness to our own citizens. Citizens are getting benefit cuts in programs for the needy, Social Security is offering very minimal increases to seniors who are in dire straits, and legislation to increase the budget to pay for illegals is expanding an already busted budget, not to mention that our homeless who are left in the streets and veterans who have fought and been wounded to keep our country democratic and free are left out of this equation.

Having ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, I, for one, can see no sense in giving our hard-fought-for country away to South America. Maybe if more corporations would locate to the troubled areas and militaries would secure their safety in those areas, unfortunate people could stay home and earn decent livings.

Lynne Shaffer


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