I believe Pete Rose should be reinstated into baseball and placed on the hall of fame ballot. Thirty-one years ago, he was banned from baseball for gambling on baseball. Gambling on Major League Baseball has been legalized now. It’s never been established that Rose’s actions influenced the outcome of any game, or the performance of any game, or the performance of any player.

In recent years, intentional and covert acts by current and past owners, managers, coaches and players altered the outcome of numerous games, including the World Series. No Astros player was disciplined in that scandal.

The league hasn’t treated other egregious assaults on the integrity of the game nearly as harsh as they have treated Pete Rose’s. The ongoing punishment is no longer justifiable as a proportional response to his transgressions.

Let’s reinstate Pete Rose, the all-time major league hits leader, back into baseball and put him on the hall of fame ballot.

Terry Miller


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