As a teen, I was impressed and inspired by the stories of bold senators chronicled in John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage.” A few weeks ago, I was again impressed and inspired as I watched the hearings held by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. I listened to a number of brave, impressive civil servants as they testified in the investigation of the president, an investigation that was precipitated by another brave individual, an anonymous whistleblower who may very well have saved our democracy.

In the coming weeks, our current senators will have the opportunity to show Iowans where they stand when it comes to loyalty to their president versus allegiance to our Constitution. Will Senators Grassley and Ernst pay attention to the facts presented in the impeachment trial? Will they uphold our Constitution and the concept of three co=equal branches of government? Or will they cave to their party line?

Will Senators Grassley and Ernst make Iowa proud and become today’s profiles in courage?

Arlie Willems

Mount Vernon

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