Raised in Anamosa, Iowa, (born in 1942), it was expected in our family to respect parents, doctors, lawyers, teachers, the U.S. Constitution and local law enforcement, and a person’s word was important. In school, we were taught to listen and think, not just react. History was one subject of interest as well as methods of scientific investigation.

Some injustices that bother me are The Salem Witch Trials (charge of guilty until proven innocent by impossible mob standards), and millions murdered in Europe in WW II just because of mob action created by hatred. (This appears very similar in today’s political environment).

In my family tree, there are veterans who fought and died in the Civil War for both the North and South, I had an uncle in WWI and a brother-in-law who fought in Korea. From 1776 through landing men on the moon, the U.S. led the world in believing in individual liberty and freedom. One document allowed this to happen, our Constitution, especially the legal right from any party to challenge election results.

Currently, in today’s world, this has taken second place to mob thinking and attempted persecution and hatred toward those who question free speech and thinking. Use of a word like “insurrection” repeatedly in the news is only for mob behavior.

Last, as a free conservative, I resent the attempt by any group of “canceling” any of my history and ancestors, good or bad. That is my decision.

Tom Snyder


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