The people of Jones County have won a tremendous victory. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has withdrawn $600,000 intended for the destruction of the beautiful and historic Mon Maq Dam.

The predominant reason for these grants, under DNR rules, is to reduce drownings by eliminating recirculating currents at low head dams. No one has drowned at the Mon Maq Dam in 106 years because people cannot access any possible recirculating currents.

In attempting to obtain renewal of DNR funding, the Jones County Conservation Board (JCCB) offered a new plan which reduced the cost of removing the dam. Unfortunately, this eliminated $220,000 which would have been spent to mitigate the drowning machine, which would be created by removal of the dam, at the point where the city sewer pipe crosses Kitty Creek. So, the JCCB and the US Fish and Wildlife Service are now funding an extremely dangerous hazard immediately adjacent to the Blue Inn Campground and easily accessed by families and small children.

There’s a reason we don’t plant minefields next to playgrounds.

Under this proposal, the present boat ramp would terminate in grass, not the river. So, fishermen could no longer launch motorboats to fish upstream of the dam.

The environmental benefits of this project are grossly exaggerated, while environmental costs are minimized.

At a time when tax revenues will be severely diminished by the coronavirus crisis, we must not waste taxpayer dollars on this destructive and foolish project. For more information see https://friendsmonmaqdam.com.

Donald Bohlken


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