There is an important election upon us. No, it is not the presidential election, it’s an election much closer to home. It’s an election for the Jones County Board of Supervisors. On June 2nd, 2020, Jeff Swisher’s name will be on the ballot for a seat on the Jones County Board of Supervisors.

This position needs to be held by someone who knows our communities. Someone who knows the people, their concerns, their needs, and can create solutions. Certainly, trying times hit many within our county. No one should be focusing on a single area within the county. In fact, they should be making decisions based off of the entire county’s needs.

I know Jeff both on the professional and personal level for more than 20 years. We had several tough discussions concerning the future of Jones County. He took steps to assist the residents of this county in many ways during this time.

Jeff Swisher is a leader when it comes to stepping up and taking on difficult tasks. As an Anamosa volunteer fireman he’s acted in many capacities, including the fire chief. He dedicated his life to the citizens of Jones County as a police officer, a deputy sheriff, and finished out his career as the chief deputy of the Jones County Sheriff’s Office.

You see, Swisher isn’t the guy who stands by idly while others get in the fray. He is the one who dons the fire suit and the gun belt because someone has to go through that door! He’s the man who still stops and helps the person stranded alongside the road. Rich, poor, white or blue collar, Swisher answers the call and finds a solution. The life of service gives Swisher a unique opportunity to know all of our communities, both rural and residential.

This is our opportunity to vote Jeff Swisher on June 2nd to have someone representing us and forging a new path for Jones County. Vote for someone who has a duty to the citizens he represents, even when there is no reward.

Brian Eckhardt


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