Growing up in small-town Anamosa, I have seen a lot of different people go through the high school. I have seen seniors that have so much school spirit and I have seen other seniors who could not care less about Anamosa. As my years at this school are coming to an end, there is something that is also coming to an end: school spirit. Today, in the hallways of the Anamosa High School, you usually hear someone complain about how “bad” Anamosa is.

Anamosa used to be a place that was full of pride and cheers. People were always proud to call themselves a Blue Raider, but nowadays it’s almost embarrassing. Who’s to blame? Is it the students at the school who create a negative environment, or is it partially the community’s fault for the lack of support? No one knows but it’s easy to say, both have some stepping up to do.

It’s time this small town comes together and make being a Blue Raider special. Students at AHS need to learn how to love their community and truly understand they are the ones that create the outcome of this small town. Not only the students, but the community can show more love to the students and give them more encouragement. It helps when the students know people are seeing the positive efforts they are putting in.

So now it’s time Raiders. Step up and be proud to be a Blue Raider. Be proud to come from Anamosa and love our community.

Sammy Prybil


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