Andy McKean is a rarity: A Republican who lives with the moral code he was brought up on; a man with family values, scruples; who stands up for right and wrong even if it means condemning someone from his (former) party. This man has courage! This man is a hero!

Jeff Kaufmann, the chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, called McKean’s party swap a violation of the trust of those who voted him into office, tweeting, “When Rep. McKean ran in 2016, he had no problem riding to victory on Pres. Trump’s coattails."

To Kaufmann, I say that as someone who has been in Iowa state House and Senate for the last 41 years, since 1979, it was undoubtedly this beloved legislator, this legend in state politics, that campaigned in 2016 for Trump and got him a ton of votes not the other way around…votes he now justifiably regrets getting for that worthless bum who occupies the White House.

Steve Smith

Glendora, Calif.

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