Recently, I took part in a mission trip to Denver, Colo., through the Anamosa Youth Mission Team. During this trip, we spent time assisting the homeless and learning more about their lives. It was on our way back from this trip when we started asking ourselves, “How can we use what we learned to make a difference in our community?”

We pondered the answer to this inquiry most of the ride home. However, as we approached home we sparked an idea. We decided that we did not necessarily have to start a brand new program. Instead, we could help out with an already existing one. Our goal could be that with our assistance, we could help make a program better than it has ever been.

As the school year is coming to a close and we are transitioning into the summer months, over fifty kids on free or reduced lunches will be seeking the benefits of sack lunches throughout the summer while their parents are busy at work.

The summer sack lunch program is completely run by volunteers in the community and was started by a group called the Anamosa Lunch for Youth (ALY) back in 2010. All of the lunches are funded by donations by members of the community as well as the businesses and churches.

The youth of this town will soon be the future of the community. It is our job to guide them and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. Through a program like this, we can help assure that students will be set out on the right path to success.

Not only will these sack lunches help the students, but they will help the family as well.The guardians will not have to worry about providing a meal while they are busy at work.

So as the summer months draw closer, I would like to encourage that each member of the community considers donating to this impactful cause. Keep in mind that even the smallest of donations will go a long way in the benefit of the community.

Dylan Rickels


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