I am writing because, as a Jones County resident, mom and taxpayer, I feel that the lack of urgency to open from the community funded organizations, such as the Anamosa Public Library, is both frustrating and not in line with the Covid-19 case numbers present in Jones County, Iowa. There is no scheduled open date for the taxpayer funded service of our local Anamosa Public Library as stated by the leadership in an e-mail reply this week asking for that information. Local children are not allowed to be in school, play at the parks or visit the public library- what is left is sitting at home on their electronic devices. This is a travesty.

Iowa Code section 256.69, says, “…Each city within its corporate boundaries and each county within the unincorporated area of the county shall levy a tax of at least six and three-fourths cents per thousand dollars of assessed value on the taxable property…for the purpose of providing financial support to the public library which provides library services within the respective jurisdictions.”

We are all paying for a service that is not being provided in any fashion, what good are those books doing sitting on the shelf collecting dust while we pay the salaries of the people whose job is to check them out to the public?

I think the public libraries throughout the state, especially Anamosa Public Library, should open as allowed by the governor’s proclamation. If the focus is health, let us get our children out doing healthy things, playing, learning and reading.

Lindsey Helsper


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