People running for political office often make many promises when they are in Iowa, but once elected there is no follow through.

Candidate Trump supported E-15; a 15 percent ethanol fuel blend. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler and President Trump delivered – putting farmers and people who drive to work first.

E-15 makes sense: it decreases America's vulnerability to the whims of global oil markets, brings down the price of gas at the pump, and supports farmers; and because farmers are generally good stewards, this renewable fuel is a cleaner source of energy.

President Trump actually visited a state-of-the-art ethanol plant during his recent Iowa visit, the first president to ever do so. I've been fortunate to farm in Eastern Iowa for 56 years and was on the Iowa Corn board when ethanol was introduced.

I am pleased that my son is able to continue farming our Heritage Farms. Ethanol helps the next generation, but they can't reap the full benefits of E-15 unless the administration stops ignoring another significant bio-fuel related issue.

Unfortunately, the EPA continues to issue small refinery exemptions to large oil companies like Exon. These waivers exempt companies from adhering to federal bio-fuel laws and therefore destroy the very markets that year-round E-15 is supposed to strengthen.

If President Trump is going to be successful in revitalizing our farm economy, he must ensure that the bio-fuels laws are followed.

Daniel Stadtmueller


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