It was so said to read and hear about the passing of a long-time teacher and friend, Mrs. Kathleen C. Dougherty on April 15!

We go back in time and note that Mrs. Dougherty was our brother Don’s third grade teacher, as well as Dennis and (our sister) Sandra’s elementary teacher, too. We have to say the world was a much better place when she was here with us. It’s now a much lesser place since she is gone. She will be sorely missed by us Nortons, many Anamosans and we’re sure her children, Jim and Marybess, and their families.

When us Norton boys (Steve and Denny) began pursuing a football memorial for our older brother Don, it was a result of Mrs. Dougherty’s editorials to the Anamosa Journal-Eureka letting all Anamosa folks know that they were moving Don’s scoreboard from the high school to the elementary school and removing his name, “Shame on somebody!” She noted Don was the first Anamosa graduate to make the pros, noting, “that’s not a judgement call. That’s a fact!”

Well, Mrs. Dougherty, as you know, the Norton boys and a whole lot of Don’s family and friends helped us achieve that memorial (Remembering Don Norton) down at the Anamosa Football Field on August 19, 2017, where Don would have wanted it. This project started and was completed because of you!

Again, thank you Mrs. Dougherty for your words and support of the Norton family will never be forgotten! You will be sorely missed.

Steve Norton

Cedar Rapids

Dennis Norton


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