The Jones County Shop with a Cop program capped off a successful week after serving a total of 64 kids.

After Olin students went Dec. 7, Anamosa students followed Dec. 8, Monticello students Dec. 9 and Midland students finished off the week Dec. 10 as local kids got to go on shopping sprees with local law enforcement.

Anamosa Police Officer Aaron McMurrin came back for a second year, after participating last year, and said it was the smiles you get to see on the kids’ faces that kept him coming back for year two but said it goes beyond that.

“It’s not just helping the kids out, it’s helping the whole families out in general,” he said.

For fellow officer Colin Reeg, it was his first time participating. Reeg helped out Dec. 7 and was back at it again the following day.

“It was pretty eventful. Just seeing the look on their faces when they’re buying gifts,” Reeg said of his first experience. “It’s a great feeling for them. Something they’ll never forget.”

One of those kids, participating for the first time, was Damien Cruise, who said he enjoyed being able to get some gifts for his family. Cruise was partnered with Brian Suthers, a correctional officer at the Anamosa State Penitentiary participating for the third year who appreciated being able to facilitate Cruise in making those purchases.

“I like helping out the community when I can, and the penitentiary is part of the community,” Suthers said.

The law enforcement officials said they were blown away by the support that came from the community and all the volunteers that came to help put the event on.

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