The filing date for candidates interested in running for city and school board elections passed Thursday, Sept. 19, for the Nov. 5 election.

The ballot is not certified until Sept. 24 at 5 p.m. As of the end of the filing deadline, here’s how the ballot shakes out.


Three seats on the city council and the office of mayor are up for election.

The mayor is elected for a two-year term and there are three candidates vying for the seat. Incumbent Dale Barnes is running for reelection and will be challenged by Aaron L. Alderson and current council member Rod Smith. Smith’s seat on the council is not up in this election and runs for two more years.

The city council members will be elected for a four-year term. The seats up for grab are currently filled by Rich Crump, Betty Weimer and Cody Shaffer. Crump was previously elected to fill a vacancy and is the only incumbent running for his seat. Also running for the open seats are: Galen Capron, Dean Eilers, Jeff Stout and Alan Zumbach.

In the school board election, four spots are up for grab. Those seats are currently held by Kristine Kilburg, Sean Braden, Anna Mary Riniker and Nicole Claussen. Claussen was elected to fill out the rest of a previous term. Only two candidates filed for positions. Incumbent Sean Braden is running for reelection, and Eric Wickam is running to fill another of the open positions.


For the City of Martelle, the position of mayor, three at-large council positions and a council position to fill a vacancy are up for grabs.

For mayor, David Fountain is seeking reelection and is unopposed.

For at-large four-year terms, incumbents Jan James and Ed Smith are running for reelection. Also running to fill a seat is Diane Fountain.

The seat recently vacated by Dustin Stewart is also on the ballot, to be filled for the following two years. Running for that seat is Gary Darrow, who was appointed to that position earlier this month.

Midland school board

There are three seats on the ballot Nov. 5 for the upcoming election. The at-large seats are currently occupied by Terry Lineburg, Thomas Orr and Clay Pestka. Orr, a Monmouth resident, is the only incumbent running for reelection. Also seeking to fill the seats are Katalin Rushford of Center Junction and Stacie Cronkleton of Lost Nation.


The City of Morley elects their mayor and five city council members all to two-year terms. So, all of the positions are on the ballot in November.

William Roller, who was appointed to the position of mayor, is running unopposed to remain in the position.

Four of the five council seats are currently filled by Linda Jackson, Melissa Hawkins, Nick Rundle and Rebecca Osborn. Osborn was appointed to her position. Only one official is running for reelection: Linda Jackson. Two other residents are on the ballot to fill the council: Rebecca Ann Stivers and Bob Osborn.


The City of Olin will be holding an election for the position of mayor and to fill three positions on the city council.

For the position of mayor, incumbent Zach Borst will be seeking reelection. Borst will be challenged by Chris Shrinker.

The council positions currently held by Matthew Dicken, David Dircks and Kahm Sauer are on the ballot. All three are seeking reelection, Dicken was previously elected to fill out the remainder of a term. Challenging for a seat on the council is Katie Bassett.

Three spots will be on the ballot for the school board, each elected to four-year terms. Incumbent Ruth Houston, previously elected to fill a vacancy, and Holly Kreger, appointed to fill a vacancy, are seeking to retain their positions. Kelvin Samuel Moore will also be running.


In the City of Onslow, the position of mayor, three four-year seats on the council and a two-year term to finish the remainder of a term are on the ballot.

For mayor, Russ Benke, appointed to the position, is looking to be elected to a two-year term. He is running unopposed.

On the city council, the seats currently filled by appointees Joe Paulsen, Marilyn Gray, Curtis Thornhill and Betty Jordan are on the ballot. The three positions being elected to four-year terms are being sought by six candidates: current appointees Gray, Thornhill and Jordan and Layne Jeffrey Martens, Harold E. McCormick Jr. and Penny M. Wehde. Current appointee Paulsen is on the ballot to fill the remainder of the term currently being served by Jordan. That seat will be on the ballot again in 2021.

Oxford Junction

In Oxford Junction, the position of mayor and two council seats are up for election.

The mayor is elected to a two-year term. Merle Tank, the current incumbent, is seeking reelection. Also seeking the position is current council member Kristina Stevenson. Her current council position is not up in the election.

The council seats on the ballot are currently filled by Matt Nierling and Madeline Klemme. Only Nierling is on the ballot to fill the position.


In Springville, three seats are up for the city council. The seats are currently occupied by Dennis Thies, Brad Merritt and Mareta Ralston. Both Thies and Merritt are seeking new four-year terms. Also running for a spot on the council is Karla Blakely.

The Springville school board will be filling three four-year terms and electing a board member to fill out the final two years of Lee Ann Grimley’s term. Leisa Breitfelder is the only candidate on the ballot to complete the remainder of Grimley’s term.

Seeking to fill the three four-year positions currently filled by Todd Nulle, Laura Riley and Anthony Dlouhy are Melissa Barker, Amy Hosek, Patrick Hoyt Jr., Albert Martin and Shawnna Ripple. Martin was appointed Sept. 2018 to fill Grimley’s position. Hosek had also applied to fill that position.


The City of Wyoming will be electing a mayor and two city council members.

The position of mayor is elected to a two-year term. Incumbent Steve Agnitsch is running unopposed for another term.

On the ballot for city council are the two spots currently held by Kurtis Gudenkauf and Craig Taylor. Only Taylor is running for reelection out of the pair. Also seeking a seat is Kevin Leonard.


With the change in how elections are conducted, with combining of the city and school elections, voters will be voting in their county of residence. Therefore, Jones County voters living in the Lisbon, Mount Vernon and North Cedar School Districts, as well Jones County residents who live in the City of Cascade, will be casting their ballots in Jones County.

Those candidate filings had to be provided to the Jones County Auditor by the auditors from the county where the names were submitted by 5 p.m. Sept. 24.

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