A new program is getting books delivered to homebound seniors in Anamosa.

The program was started by the Jones County Senior Taskforce, which aims to assist area seniors. A similar program exists in Monticello, which is where Pinicon Place Community Relations Manager Tamra Albright-Johnson said she got the idea from. She talked with her counterpart, Leann Herman, at the Monticello Nursing and Rehab Center who also has a book delivery program.

Albright-Johnson is a member of the taskforce with Jones County Senior Dining Director Lisa Tallman who viewed the opportunity as a great tool for outreach.

“It’s really important,” Tallman said of being able to provide literature to those that aren’t able to get out of their home. “If you’re a reader it would really help pass the time.”

The program started earlier this month and has done its first delivery, though it’s reaching just a fraction of the seniors who get meals delivered.

Initially Tallman had forms delivered along with meals to seniors that are interested and they fill out forms to get a sense of what books they are looking for. Albright-Johnson said they’re not limiting participation to those participating in the senior dining’s meal delivery system and are looking to serve more people who are not able to get out of the house.

Each senior gets two books, which are chosen based on the information the participants provide on their form. That can include information like an author they are interested in or genres they would enjoy. New books every three weeks, along with a treat.

Albright-Johnson said her grandmother was homebound for a number of years and she knows how much of a difference a visitor can make.

“It’s something simple,” she said. “But that little act of stopping by with a book…it makes somebody’s day better and it breaks the monotony.”

Albright said the program would not be possible without the support of Anamosa Library and Learning Center Director Rebecca Vernon, who she said has put in a lot of work to make the program successful. The seniors participating in the program will also not see any late fees if Albright-Johnson is delayed at all in her deliveries.

The Jones County Taskforce is constantly looking for new ideas, like the book delivery system or having speakers come in to senior dining, and people to help them with their mission.

To sign up for the book delivery service, call Jones County Senior Dining at 319-462-4484 or Albright-Johnson at Pinicon Place 319-462-3070.

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