Laura Bartels makes a sharp turn in the horse arena during the youth barrel event at the Wyoming Fair.


Since changing course and deciding June 18 that the Wyoming Fair would go on for the 86th time, organizers had little time to get volunteers lined up for the July 11 and 12 events.

“There were some concerning moments. Were we going to get enough volunteers? Were we going to get our supplies?” Wyoming Fair Board President Pro Tempore Steve Agnitsch said.

However, days before the event was set to be put on, board members felt better about where they were when it came to ensuring that the necessary materials and volunteers would be there to make the event run smoothly.

Now, all that remained was to see what the turnout was.

The fair was scaled down with only the roping events, steer and heifer show, horse show, bucket bottle show and truck and tractor pull set to take place. Fair officials were happy with the turnout they got, even though severe weather forced the truck and tractor pull to be postponed.

“We started to have a good turnout, we thought, for the tractor pull, but, obviously, the storm came through with the tornado warning and…we had to evacuate the grounds. That was the biggest disappointment,” Agnistch said.

Tentatively, the fair board is looking to reschedule the truck and tractor pull for Aug. 15. A decision will be made at the fair board’s July 16 meeting on that matter.

The plan was that during the fair, the updated playground fundraised for by Kristina Agnitsch would be ready to be partially installed, but the timing did not work out. It is hoped that the main structure for the playground will be ordered in the next couple of weeks and installed by the fall.

Kristina is still raising funds for the swings.

Overall, Steve Agnitsch said that the feedback that he and other board members received was positive, thanking them for putting on the various shows and events.

“Everybody was pretty tired of everything being canceled, and they respected what we were trying to do,” he said.

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