Six months in to a new arrangement, Superintendent Todd Hawley said he’s really strived to get to know the district and the community better.

When he first took the job, he focused on getting to know the district better.

“I’ve tried to focus on getting to know my administration first and foremost,” he said.

That has continued throughout the year as they meet monthly and he’s said it’s really helped him understand what’s going on in each building when it comes to their initiatives.

Hawley has tried to also get out to his fair share of extracurricular activities. He even earned himself a spot in the fall production of “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Somehow I got cast as the executioner,” he said.

Hawley said the practice requirements weren’t very strenuous, but he enjoyed being able to interact with the students and support their artistic endeavor. He’s tried to get to as many events as he can during the course of the year and introduce himself to many of the local businesses.

“That’s the big challenge I think being split between both districts is making those connections,” he said.

With the recent school board election, Hawley is getting to know the two new board members and a new president and vice president.

Following a joint work session with Delwood in November, the sharing agreement to split Hawley’s services is one that both districts want to continue.

As he looks to 2020, Hawley said the district is looking to wrap up their expansion project. In addition, he is looking forward to getting involved in discussions about the district’s curriculum and be more involved in their professional development days.

The district is working with the Grant Wood Area Education Agency on how to blend mental health practices with their PBIS system in an “interconnected system framework.”

“If we could bring that all under one roof…I think we could make some headway,” Hawley said.

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