Jill Parham donated a complete kindergarten physical education program, including Strider Learn-to-Ride bikes, helmets and curriculum to Strawberry Hill Elementary School.

The donation will allow approximately 5000 kindergarten students learn to ride over the next five years.

The bikes were built by the National Motorcycle Museum.

The program includes a proven, integrative curriculum, staff training and certification, the Strider Learn-to-Ride bikes and helmets. The bikes start as balance bikes and convert to pedal bikes. This conversion makes learning to ride easier than ever and does not require training wheels. The Strider Education foundation, the program provider, offers continued support for each school to ensure success over the five years.

Learning to ride the bikes will be a part of the school’s physical education program and will be shared between the kindergarten classes.

“Our school agrees that learning a new skill, such as riding a bike, builds confidence but also inspires students to achieve new things and to explore what life offers them,” Principal Ellen Recker said in a press release about the donation.

For the presentation of the bikes, all of Strawberry Hill Elementary’s kindergarten students were on-hand in the gym for the gifting of the bikes Oct. 8.

“I want you guys to have fun with them,” Parham told the students as she presented the donation. “I can’t wait to see you guys ride them.”

Parham became aware of the bikes in South Dakota when she was travelling for her induction into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum’s Hall of Fame over the summer.

The students of Strawberry Hill expressed their thanks to Parham and she even got a group hug after taking a picture with a class of kindergarteners.

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