After a lengthy discussion between district officials and the teachers, the school board ratified the language for a new master contract.

The contract will be two years in length. It includes a base wage increase of 2.99 percent and a decrease in insurance benefits that will see a total package increase of 1.99 percent. The language items agreed upon also included the removal of now-prohibited subjects, in addition to other changes that were agreed upon.

Superintendent Larry Hunt said that the process included “several heartfelt conversations” with members of the bargaining unit and board members and in the end, got things to a place where “everybody feels pretty good about where we are,” eventually reaching something that the teachers could agree to.

After the ratification of the language, lead negotiator for the teachers, Dan Kiley, read a statement thanking the school board members for all their hard work over the past several months involved in getting a new contract in place on behalf of the Anamosa Education Association.

“(It’s) an agreement that reaffirms the longstanding strong working relationship that has existed in this school district between the board and our association for nearly 40 years. Those were some really long hours, but we thank you for continuing to honor this longstanding commitment and the respect shown during this entire process,” he said.

Later in the meeting, during a first reading of board policies, Hunt said that some of the language in the 400 series would have to be adjusted to mirror the language in the contract, which he said would be adjusted when the board looks at the board policies for a second reading.

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