The City of Anamosa has a new logo.

The new logo, featuring a blue “A” on a pumpkin, was approved by the Anamosa City Council in a unanimous vote, minus the absent Rod Smith, at the city’s March 25 meeting.

The logo was designed by Isabelle Arnessa Marquez Bella, who was declared the winner of the city’s logo contest. She then worked with the city to make slight tweaks to her original submission, which was presented to the city council for approval.

The logo was selected by a committee, including City Administrator Jacob Sheridan and local artists, based on factors like simplicity, how it connects to what makes Anamosa unique, versatility and vibrancy.

Bella said she was made aware of the contest through her boyfriend’s mom, but even after creating an idea for the contest, almost didn’t submit it. However, she overcame her self-doubt and sent her submission with days to spare.

She is from the Philippines came to the United States to pursue graphic design after studying in dentistry for six years.

“I just felt like I needed a new environment,” she said.

She got a scholarship to attend Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill., where she graduated from last May.

When brainstorming how best to encapsulate what Anamosa meant to her in her logo, she took inspiration from many sources. She looked up the Hale Bridge, even going out to look at the structure, but in the end came back to an aspect of Anamosa that was personal to her. She implemented the pumpkin to represent Pumpkinfest and took inspiration from Grant Wood and his “American Gothic” windows.

“That’s very Anamosa for me,” she said.

She was concerned that she might not have won after not hearing back for a couple of weeks. But when she found out, she was excited and eager to share the information with her boyfriend’s family, who are Anamosa residents.

“It’s a great feeling because I’m just starting,” she said.

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