For the past two years, the giving wall has become a popular giving option at the Anamosa Community School Foundation fundraiser, which is going virtual this year.


Like many this year, the Anamosa Community School Foundation is being forced to adapt.

The foundation recently announced that they are having to call an audible when it comes to their annual fundraiser. While last year’s fundraiser predated the pandemic, the annual event, which attracts hundreds of supporters to the Lawrence Community Center every year, is forgoing its planned Feb. 6 in-person event for some virtual giving.

“Unfortunately, we are not able to have the fundraiser social event in person this year, but the demands and support the Foundation provides the teachers and the classrooms continue due to the pandemic,” the foundation’s president Nic Weers said.

In its place, Weers said letters have already been sent out to those that have given in the past encouraging them to continue to give what they normally would have in the past.

A virtual spin is also being put on a recent innovation added to the event. For the past couple of years, community members have been able to peruse not only the silent auction items but the Teachers Giving Wall. Teachers would put needed items up on the wall for community members to select and purchase on behalf of the teachers.

“It’s been tremendously popular and kind of a fan favorite,” Weers said.

With a virtual event this year, the giving wall will look a little different. Operating much like a gift registry for a wedding or baby shower, a virtual giving wall is being set up so that the public can still purchase needed items for teachers in their classroom.

The foundation is currently in the process of getting a list of necessary items from the district’s teachers, and the wall will go live on the foundation’s Facebook page as soon as it is ready. Weers is hoping that is sometime next month.

“It’s going to be neat and exciting,” Weers said of the virtual event, adding it gives them an opportunity to try something new.

With the uniqueness of the school year, the items requested by teachers this year are different than anything the organization has ever seen before. Weers said when it became clear for this school year that cases were going to be needed to protect Chromebooks being sent home with students, the foundation didn’t hesitate in helping the district with that purchase.

As a recognized 501C3 nonprofit organization, any gifts made to the foundation are tax deductible. Gifts can accept cash, checks and Venmo @anamosacommschoolfound. Donations can be mailed to: Anamosa Community School Foundation, Citizens Bank, 215 E Main Street, Anamosa, IA 52205. The foundation is also working on getting a donate button for their Facebook page.

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