Massive storms did damage across the area Aug. 10 with winds between 70 to 100 m.p.h. reported.

The result was hours long power outages across the region.

Multiple downed trees lined the road all over Anamosa, with damage being done to buildings as well. The overhang at Casey’s on Main Street was damaged as was the roof on a city building.

Updating city officials on the clean up efforts during the Aug. 10 Anamosa City Council meeting, Anamosa Chief of Police Jeremiah Hoyt said no injuries were reported, and the damage was spread out around town. He said two separate storms came on top of each other a little after noon and that cleanup began around 2 p.m. to make sure utility crews could get through as soon as possible.

“It was just traversing the city to make sure that we had as much cleanup going on as quickly as possible,” Hoyt said.

They were also dealing with a bit of a traffic jam as the Casey’s on Highway 64 was the only gas station in town that could offer gas for a period.

Power was restored to “most of town” by about 4:30 p.m.

Mayor Rod Smith thanked the Anamosa Police Department, Anamosa Fire Department and the city’s water, wastewater and public works for their work in clearing out the debris.

The City of Springville asked residents to stay off the roads to allow city crews to clean up debris from the storm before soliciting help to ask on neighbors and clean up.

After hours without power, the Oxford Junction Ambulance Service posted around 5 p.m. that they still did not know when power would be restored in town and asked the public to check on neighbors, especially those that were elderly or had medical conditions. They offered their station for anyone that needed help or power to recharge oxygen tanks.

In Olin debris and structures were scattered by the winds.

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