Bryan Britt with his state fair-winning boar Captain after winning


Like most people walking around the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Bryan Britt looked upon the biggest boar in the barn and was always intrigued at giving it a try himself.

At this year’s state fair, they did and walked away with the title on their first attempt.

Their winning entry, Captain, tipped the scales at 1,254 pounds. The next closest boar came in 66 pounds behind. Just looking at the other entries, Britt said he though Captain had it.

“When I got down there and I walked past the rest of the boars, I’d thought I’d won,” Britt said.

The best part of the entire process was when the victory was confirmed and the family, friends and coworkers that were there to see if Captain could take the title could celebrate with the Britts.

In the weeks since Captain’s title, it has earned the Britts plenty of attention. They moved to the farm, located in between Monticello and Langworthy back in 1990, and pigs have always been a part of his life. The farm doesn’t raise crops or anything else for that matter, besides the pigs, of which there are approximately 1,500.

Making the adjustment to raising massive boars didn’t require much of a difference, except for a slight change in diet over the past year. The important thing is to implement a diet that allows the boar to put on the weight, while still remaining sound.

It was actually his love of Cap’n Crunch cereal that helped earned Captain his name.

Captain, who had been retired for about a year, is no longer located on the Britt’s farm and is staying at Britt’s daughter’s because of biosecurity reasons.

Competing in the big boar contest will not be a one-off for the Britts. There’s a boar that Britt is eying at defending the title with next year, but said he won’t know until about May whether he’ll be able to enter the hog.

When asked how he plans on following up a win with his inaugural entry, Britt had an answer.

“I’d like to break the record,” he said, which currently sits at 1,335 pounds.

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