Changes are set to come to the barrier at Old Dubuque Road, according to Jones County Engineer Derek Snead.

The safety committee for the intersection met a couple weeks back and discussed winter maintenance. A gate will be installed to make plowing simpler. At the Anamosa City Council meeting, council members approved the purchase of a 20-foot gate which will replace the current barrier on the road itself.

The new set up will see the fence placed in the center of the road, held in place by posts on the outside of that and road closed signs on either side, Interim Streets Superintendent Shane Brown told Anamosa city council members during their Oct. 12 meeting.

When asked how the barricade would be held in place, Brown said the posts would be drilled right into the road, since it won’t be used once the new overpass and roundabout are constructed. The gate will also be installed so it’s not touching the ground and can swing open even when snow is on the road.

Brown said the city and the county are currently working on the gate will open up for maintenance crews and emergency vehicles that would need to open it. Some work is set to be done on the gate by the county before it is put out on the intersection.

The signs provided by the Iowa DOT in the turning lanes on Highway 151 will remain.

On Oct. 14, Snead said they were scheduled to make a presentation to the Iowa Department of Transportation at their meeting to discuss the possibility of making some modifications to Highway 151 to straighten out the southbound lane.

The idea has gotten some support from Iowa DOT district representatives and if the DOT takes up the project, it would help the city in their project with the proposed overpass bridge if it could be done at the same time.

“If the curve is more offset and parallel to the curve in the northbound lane, it would reduce the amount of embankment needed and reduce the length of the bridge needed and improve the grades. It would have a lot of benefits,” Snead said.

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