The Anamosa Care Center is looking forward to having in person visitors back in the facility but needs some help from the public.

The restrictions on visitors from the Iowa Department of Public Health largely depends on the county’s positivity rate, which takes a 14-day average of the percentage of tests that come back positive. Outdoor visitation, which includes accessible and safe outdoor spaces like courtyards, patios, parking lots, etc., is allowed even with “high county positivity rates,” defined at over 10%. The same applies for window visits, compassionate care visits and barbers and beauticians.

Without low positivity rates, below 5%, more restrictions are put on indoor visits, and if the county rate is over 10%, indoor visits are restricted to compassionate care situations. Compassionate care visits include end of life situations or those in need of “additional physical, emotional or spiritual support.”

The care center is currently working on getting booths made, with help from the Anamosa Rotary Club, to make it so they can do indoor visits, which will become more important to be able to do as the weather makes outdoor visits impossible.

“Our visits are very much based on what our positivity rates are here in the county,” Strube said. “I’m hoping we’ll see a downward spiral for that, but everything our county decides to do…affects how we conduct ourselves.”

The hope is that the booths are ready to go by November.

In addition to the indoor visits, the facility has been expanding their virtual offerings, purchasing six more iPads with grant funding to increase the ability to offer virtual meetings. Family members that would like to schedule this are asked to call ahead and make appointments so staff can help residents get set up.

It may not sound like much, but the latter change, allowing for beauticians back with mitigation steps was a great boon for residents, many of whom had gone eight months without having a haircut.

If positive cases are reported for staff or residents, both the ability for indoor and outdoor visits and salon services go away until no positive cases are identified for 14 days.

Visitors of any kind get screened and will require face coverings.

The care center started the hashtag #sharelovenotgerms has allowed people to send videos to residents while visitors are shut out of the facility, and while those have slowed down, the center’s Facebook page has still been getting a lot of public interaction with people sharing messages for residents.

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