The second community build for Sleep in Heavenly Peace was held Aug. 18 in Wapsiana Park.


Just two months after the first build in was held in Monticello, the second Sleep in Heavenly Peace Community Build was held in Wapsiana Park in Anamosa.

The timeline progressed faster than chapter head Heather Weers had expected, which she said is both a blessing and a curse.

“I hate to say that it makes me feel good because that means there are a lot of kids that needs beds, but I’m glad that we’re helping them out,” Weers said.

The chapter gave out 18 beds since their first build in June and Weers said she likes to stay ahead of the demand.

“I like to have the beds built, so when people call and request a bed, we can get them out as soon as possible,” she said.

The latest build netted 24 beds. That, when combined with the 20 built during the first build, already has the chapter past Weers’ initial goal of having 40 beds built by the end of the calendar year, just six months after the chapter was officially formed. Weers said she doesn’t know how long the latest beds will last but expects demands will tick up with the start of a new school year.

Seeing the work put in by the team of volunteers rewarded with the smiles of the kids, and the families that are on the receiving end was something Weers hope more volunteers get to witness in the coming months.

“It’s amazing, and I wish I could get more volunteers to deliver the beds so they could see how excited they were and what a difference it makes to them,” Weers said. “I hope the volunteers know the impact they’re making.”

To stay up to date on upcoming builds, follow the chapter’s Facebook page by searching “Sleep in Heavenly Peace — IA, Jones Co.” If interested in helping deliver beds, message the group on Facebook or email

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